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You started your business with dreams of freedom and flexibility.


Lately, you find yourself spending more and more time working in your business than working on it. You’re feeling overwhelmed. You can’t keep doing it all. You’re not even sure what it is you need help with.

You’ve searched the internet for the perfect virtual assistant/operations manager and you’ve come up short.


I’m here to help!


I’ll help you determine the areas in your business where you need extra support. I’ll create a plan of action to improve the areas where you are facing challenges

We will work together to reduce the stress related to your challenge areas.

Sounds so simple right? It is!


Other Badasses Approve

Kelli knows what I need before I need it. I’m not sure what magical powers she possesses, but I know my business and life is better because we have her as part of our team. Kelli manages my calendar, clears out my inbox, transcribes important meetings, works her magic on social media, and is always ready to offer great feedback, tips, or ways to improve our processes. I don’t know how I lived without her!

Melissa Connolly Emtwo Digital

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